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During the tournmanet, food will be available Monday - Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.  On Thursday & Friday we will only be selling drinks.
Pictures will be available on Sunday July 10 and will be handed out by the coaches.


Game Results - June 25th

Little Kickers
Scorring for Navy Timbits:  Matthew Muise, Annika Brooks
Scoring for Maroon Timbits:  Broderick Marr
Scoring for Gold Timbits:  Maximus Dyson, Brayden Plugers
Scoring for Jade Timbits: Ethan Brown
Scoring for Orange Timbits:  Aubrey Moore, Keegan Inglis
Performance Toyota - 6
Vesuvius - 0
Scoring for Performance Toyota:  Coltyn Mariage (4), Logan Szabo, Damon McKee
Freshco - 5
Bex Consulting - 0
Scoring for Freshco:  Names not submitted
Harpwood Trophies - 7
Lornes Tax Service - 1
Scoring for Harpwoods:  Noah Dyson (3), Kyla Costea, Ethan Ferland (3)
Scoring for Lornes:  Gabriel Brooks
The Learning Curve - 6
Greenwood Electrical - 4
Scoring for The Learning Curve:  Keegan Fisher (4), Lily Halls, Jacob Turner
Scoring for Greenwood:  Lucas Fortier (3), Clayton Skye
Willcon Building Contractor - 2
BJs Variety - 1
Scoring for Willcon:  Hannah Crossley, Hayden Brutan
Scoring for BJs:  Xander Theriault
Bullzeye Renovations - 9
MT Bellies - 0
Scoring for Bullzeye:  Names not Submitted
Rose City Pizza - 8
Blue Star - 0
Scoring for Rose City:  Maximus Pierce (3), Townes Bestward (3), Evan Dwyer, Nicholas McNuley
The Legion - 12
Peak Performers Realty - 0
Scoring for The Legion:  Ethan Molnar (4), Aiden Musiala (4), Carter Blanchette (2), Logan Packoswki, Hutner Walsh
Rinaldi Homes - 3
Phil's Auto Service - 1
Scoring for Rinaldi:  Nicholas Snyder, Isaac Dyson, Jacob Snyder
Scoring for Phils:  Ethan Lagace
Buckner Sports - 7
Elite Hair Salon - 5
Scoring for Buckner Sports:  Brandon Valcourt, Alex Deluca, Bianca Bisson (2), James Wilson (2), Parker Tother
Scoring for Elite:  Alyssa Fick (2), Bailey Millar Hines (3)
StuCor Construction - 9
OnLine Electronics - 2
Scoring for StuCor:  Dylan Elsie, James Jarzabek (2), Jason Gibson (2), Karlene Olsen
Scoring for OnLine:  Curtis Gabor, Bryce Thompson


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Game Photos

One of our coaches as taken some photos.
Click Here to see photos of:  Performance Toyota, Freshco, Peak Performers Realty, Phil's Auto Service, Rose City Pizza, MT Bellies, OnLine Electronics & Buckers Sports.
Click Here to see photos of:  Rinaldi Homes, Peak Performers Realty, Blue Star & Willcon Building Contractor.
Thanks again Stu for the great photos.

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Mid Season Tournament

Schedules for the mid season tournament will be available starting Saturday June 18th.
As a reminder the tournament runs from Monday July 4th - Sunday July 10th

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