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If you are unable to make the parents meeting tonight we ask that you please wait until Saturday May 7th before contacting us. This will avoid our phone ringing off the hook.  Thank you for your co-operation and patience.
Summary from Parents Meeting
1.  Parents are to sit on the other opposite side from the players.  This will allow the coaches to have the full attention of all players.  When sitting on the other side, please sit at least 2 - 3 feet away from the line.
2. If your child is playing goalie, we ask that you move away from the net when the play is in that area.  A parent standing there can be very intimidating to the younger children. 
3.  We ask that you arrive at 5 minutes before the game is to start.  This will avoid a team having to forfeit due to not enough players on the field
4.  For the little kickers, parents can be on the field during their practice time, but not during the game. 
5.  Please ensure that your child has plenty to drink during the game.  It is not the coaches responsibility to bring drinks for the players
6. Your child must wear shin pads and soccer shoes*  (*exceptions made for little kickers if you cannot find their size)  If proper equipment is not wear, your child will not be allowed to play
7.  No dogs are allowed in the park during games or practices.  The exception of course is service dogs.
8.  If you ride a bike to the soccer, please walk the walk once in the park. 
9.  Smoking is only allowed in the parking lot area.
10.  Soccer is played rain or shine unless there is lightning present.
11.  Pavilions are for volunteers, refs and board members. 
12.  If you are not happy with something, (refs or coaches etc), please let a board member know.  We cannot fix something if we do not know what is going on.
13.  Most of our refs are young kids.  Do not yell at them if you feel they made a bad call.  They are still learning and doing their best.  Again if you feel there is an issue with a ref, let us know.
14.  We will be having two tournaments this year.  Schedules will be available a couple weeks before each tournament. 
15.  Year End Banquet.  You MUST pick up your child's banquet ticket before the banquet in order for them to have food.  Parents do not need a banquet ticket to attend.
16.  The parking spots near the building are for handicap parking and board members.  Please do not park there
17.  We are a co-ed recreational league.  We are here to have fun and ensure the child is enjoying themselves.  We believe in equal playing time regardless of skill level.
18.  We have a canteen available on Saturday where you are able to purchase food and drinks.  During practice nights, we only sell drinks


Meet and Greet

Our first day of soccer will be Saturday May 14th. 

On this day, please ensure that your child wears their soccer equipment.  Coaches will be handing out the team shirts and then they will have a fun scrimmage with the other team that is scheduled at the same time.  If your child does not have their equipment they will not be allowed on the field for safety reasons.  

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